Access for employees, undergraduates and doctoral students of TUL
Anonymous access to public resources (as guest)

Authentication is made on the basis of:

  • Email ID
  • and the password of an active e-mail account assigned to this ID

* the email id is part of the TUL's e-mail address on the left side of the @ sign.

For example, for the address , the email identifier is aaaa.bbbb, and for the address , the email identifier is 123456789. For students, the identifier is the index number.

Each user of the WIKAMP network logs into it using the server of his Faculty.

Logging in via the server of another Faculty is possible and will automatically redirect you to the appropriate Faculty server.

Help in gaining access to the portal can be obtained at the Customer Service Office located at:

for students: at the E-Learning Center of the Lodz University of Technology ul. Wólczańska 223, building B22, on the third floor in room 303, telephone: 42 631 28 06, post office:

for employees: at the University Information Center ul. Wólczańska 175, next to the Food Chemistry building: tel. 42 631 28-99

After logging in, users have access to all the information they are entitled to, on all servers of the Virtual Campus of PŁ.

The information posted on the website may be used by employees, students and guests of the Lodz University of Technology for all activities related to participation in the life of the University.

The person placing information in the WIKAMP system is responsible for the compliance of the content of this information with the provisions of copyright and related rights.

Posting offensive information and / or damaging the good name of the Lodz University of Technology in the WIKAMP system is prohibited.

For students, the lack of access to the Dean's web account is tantamount to the lack of access to didactic information.

Access to didactic materials is limited by the Directors of individual subjects or specialties.

After the first login to the website, we recommend that you complete the user profile data. Providing false data leads to the removal of the user.

Any abuse, including (but not limited to) hacking attempts, illegal copying of content, will be registered and reported to the authorities of the Lodz University of Technology.